Weight loss Acupuncture (Balanced diet & Exercise)

The nation’s obesity rate is rapidly approaching 40%. The effects of obesity, or being overweight can impact your health severely. Not only does the extra weight put your joints under unnecessary stress, it can lead to a variety of harmful and potentially life threatening diseases, such as High Blood Pressure, High LDL Cholesterol Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke and a variety of mental illnesses, including Depressions and/or Anxiety. 

Weight gain and weight loss are affected by many different factors. Lack of sleep, excess stress, influxes in hormones, in addition to food, can have drastic effects on weight gain. Fortunately, acupuncture targets most of these, which is why it is gaining popularity in conjunction with other weight loss methods.

Research has proven that acupuncture is highly effective in managing stress levels and improving sleep. Additionally, acupuncture treatment is well known for its ability to regulate hormones, specifically hormones related to weight loss. By targeting specific areas of the body, we can zero in on any imbalances that can be causing excessive weight gain. For example, addressing the endocrine system and kidneys is common to treat water retention, and stimulate hormone rebalance. By targeting the spleen and thyroid gland, we can rebalance hormones and reduce sugar cravings. When paired with Auricular acupuncture (ear acupuncture), noted for its success in treating addiction, food cravings can be controlled with ease.