Acupuncture for traumatic injuries

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been used for thousands of years for traumatic injuries and we’re probably the first clinical use other than for diseases like upper respiratory infections or infections. The reason acupuncture was so effective in the treatment of traumatic injuries and has survived that and proliferated is because of the natural effects of acupuncture and the ease of treating traumatic injuries.

In just the last couple of years exciting research just came out that prove the hypothalamus simulation of electro acupuncture and how that relates to the production and activation of mesenchymal stem cells which are repaired of cells that the body makes and creates new tissue and cells after something like a traumatic injury or disease cellular activity. Traumatic injuries require little to no diagnosis other than just treating the symptoms at hand as well as the immediate rehab from the trauma. For that reason acupuncture is not only effective but it is also safe and time sensitive.

Acupuncture excels at creating a local immune and healing response at the side of the needles that reduce inflammation and swelling, increase blood flow, increase white blood cell activity for a potent immune response, and circulate cytokines and pain-killing enzymes/peptides. All of these natural responses to acupuncture make treating traumatic injury’s perfect fit, because all trauma has components of acute swelling, information, bleeding, pain, compromised immunity.

The local effect of acupuncture combats all of these and does it in a natural way with a specific needling technique called surrounding the dragon. Surrounding the Dragon is a needle and technique where the acupuncturist superficially inserts needles around the site of the trauma, and can affect not only the swelling and local tissue damage, but also the healing response time. This is so effective it even works remarkably well in the treatment of burns, contusions, lacerations or cuts, fractures and tears