Acupuncture for stress

A modern use for acupuncture is the treatment of stress. The reason I say modern uses is because acupuncture wasn’t so commonly used for stress in the past. Acupuncture has always been a medical model for the treatment of acute infections, viral disorders, various chronic and acute illnesses, and injuries. Whenever acupuncture was used for chronic disorders it was always in conjunction with herbal therapy, dietary changes, and lifestyle alterations. Today, we use it for all the above as well as stress management which brings acupuncture into the field of preventative medicine.

The connection between stress and chronic disease and sometimes even acute disease is well researched in modern times and the use of acupuncture and the treatment of it has been shown to be extremely effective in so many different conditions. The reason acupuncture works for so many conditions where stress plays a component in their disorder is because acupuncture works on the underlying physiological changes that occur as a result of the stress instead of just working on the symptoms. If you use the system correctly acupuncture cannot only alleviate the symptoms of stress and the disease is associated with stress but can also treat the underlying mechanisms that play along with lifestyle changes.

For example, a patient comes in complaining of low back pain, chronic neck tension, headaches, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. There are a lot of factors involved in all of these conditions but very often there’s an underlying theme that connects all of these and you can address all of these symptoms within one treatment. The reason these can all be adjusted and treated at once is because the underlying mechanism that affects all of these conditions is a body that’s taxed, overworked, and undernourished. Nourishment comes in the form of proper nutrition, proper hydration, proper mental activity, proper sleep, and proper neurological balance. If any of these are out of balance all of them will eventually become out of balance.

If someone is chronically in pain and aching it’s either because they don’t exercise actively and do proper stretching and basic exercise hygiene, they will start to see not only issues of pain but also systemic issues involving information. With a lifestyle like this, these patients will also tend to work long hours, chronically stress, not eat properly, not drink enough, eat at the regular times and in the regular amounts, and be taking stimulants throughout the day in order to keep up with the mental activity that they need to perform at their job at home life. This goes on long enough not only with their mental state being constantly scattered in an attempt to control all of these moving parts, but their bodies will also feel the changes, and ultimately pay the price.

Chronic tension, improper lifestyle, and increased cortisol levels are just a few of the many underlying things that lead to diagnosis like tension headaches, hypertension, and high cholesterol. By using acupuncture to not only help with the aches and pains were they occur specifically in this case the lower back the neck and head as well as treatment of overall systemic inflammation and acupuncture and herbal prescriptions to lower the blood pressure and inflammatory state of the blood vessels, you can effectively treat the inflammation as well as the underlying fluctuations in cortisol. Minor loss life alterations and lifestyle changes would ensure prevention of these things reoccurring or worsening.