Headaches & Migraines

Acupuncture for Headache and Migraine Relief

Acupuncture is particularly effective for headaches and migraines as they bridge the gap between pain management, orthopedics, and neurological disorders. What that means is that headaches have many different underlying causes but almost all of them have one or two components- pain management where inflammation is partly causing the headache or migraine, as well as some sort of orthopedic injury or misalignment of the spine and soft tissue, and lastly as neurological symptoms are often accompanied with headaches and migraines like dizziness, vertigo, numbness, tingling, burning, pressure, hearing loss, visual disturbances, and even changes in the sense of smell.

Acupuncture is particularly good at treating all of those underlying mechanisms through reduction of information by releasing prostaglandin, calcitonin gene related peptide, and side of Keens. As for the treatment of misalignment we would be using myofascial trigger point therapy mechanism of acupuncture to help align the spinal column and head to not create pressure on the nerves to the head. Leslie acupuncture directly stimulates the nerves leading to the head and face, which will treat the neurological symptoms associated with the headaches and migraines.