Dizziness & Vertigo

Acupuncture to help dizziness and vertigo

Dizziness and vertigo are sometimes seen together but the treatment of both are very similar and the symptoms associated with each of them have a lot of crossover symptoms and underlying conditions that caused them. For these reasons the treatment of dizziness and vertigo are very similar with acupuncture, and may be enhanced with the use of electro stimulation. Dizziness is a sense of imbalance, fuzzy headedness, and lightheadedness. Whereas vertigo is intense dizziness where the room Feels like it’s spinning so greatly that people need to lay down and shut their eyes. Both of these can be debilitating instances and disorders to have and are both very effective with acupuncture.

Dizziness can come along with other illnesses and disorders and so the acupuncture may be targeted at the underlying imbalances for instance: people who have fluid metabolic imbalances, electrolyte imbalances, dehydration, blood loss, and blood pressure issues. Vertigo is usually the chief complaint with no other underlying causes. It is characterized by intense dizziness, imbalance, tinnitus, and/or nausea.

The mechanism for the treatment of dizziness and vertigo is local needling to the scalp and to the acupuncture points around the ears and neck. When applied with electrical stimulation we see good results. The scalp regions we target are associated with the areas of the brain responsible for balance and innervation to the inner ear conditions.