Acupuncture for Type II Diabetes

Type II diabetes is the quintessential metabolic disorder that everyone thinks of when discussing disease metabolism and overall organ function. Diabetes is a condition that affects organs and tissues of the body all over as it progresses and is captured by the pathology of desensitization of the peptide insulin. Insulin is secreted from the pancreas to take sugar from the bloodstream and put it into storage. If this function is balanced or not functioning at all, diabetes is the diagnosis. Diabetes type I means you’re born with no insulin sensitivity and no production of the peptide insulin therefore both cases cause strong fluctuations of elevated blood sugar and low blood sugar.

Type II diabetes means you are completely dependent upon exogenous insulin that’s given through a pump or shots, whereas diabetes type II means that you are not dependent on exogenous insulin but that you are giving drugs to increase your insulin sensitivity, for example the miracle drug Metformin. Diabetes type I is more managed, whereas diabetes type II can be managed so well that it is basically cured. Dietary and nutritional changes are essential as well as routine exercising which I talked about in our membership plans and given detailed directions and 60 day programs that change an alternate to accommodate for progress but acupuncture also has a huge role to play in the treatment and management of type II diabetes.

Electroacupuncture directly decreases elevated blood sugar levels, while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels without causing hypoglycemia. Acupuncture also helps the autonomic functions of the pancreas, liver, spleen, gallbladder and kidneys, as well as their associated endocrine glands to improve overall function. The combination of these two mechanisms allow acupuncture to aid greatly in the treatment of diabetes.