Addiction Acupuncture (smoking cessation, drug dependence, and withdrawals)

Drug dependence is a physical, as well as a mental disorder and is very complicated. Proper treatment requires as many modalities as possible to have a long lasting effect. The hallmark of all drug addictions is the effects that it has on the neurons in the brain and what that does to the dependence levels. Acupuncture has been thoroughly researched in the relief of withdrawal symptoms in rat experiments, as well as human observation, and even shows the suppression of psychic dependence in animal and human studies (on repeated accounts)!

For immediate withdrawal symptoms and drug dependence symptoms the target of the treatment is to fixate on the neurological aspect of the disorder. Electroacupuncture to ear acupuncture points has been proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of drug dependence and drug withdrawal symptoms. The frequency of acupuncture in this case needs to be high for a couple weeks in the beginning, but has a long term physical and psychic response. Coupling treatments with meditations, support groups and confidence building modalities are very helpful for most patients.

Electroacupuncture directly treats the inflammation of the neurons in the brain (degeneration of the receptors of the cells in the brain are as a result of using a drug for a long period of time). Physical structural changes shown in long-term drug users can actually be healed by electroacupuncture for this reason. Healing of those tissues are as a result of nerve growth factor and cytokines that reduce information from the acupuncture. The psychic effect has a calming and serene feeling as a result of parasympathetic stimulation, sympathetic calming, regulation of cortisol levels, and regulation of the HPA axis. This makes acupuncture an all-encompassing, all-natural, and safe treatment for drug dependence and withdrawal symptoms.